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Jazz Musicians and Jazz Bands in Scotland

We simply love jazz music here at Wedding Music Scotland. In fact, we think it's probably some of the best music around. Of course, jazz music comes in many different flavours so we've helped out by defining who does what.

Jazz can be 'large' as in a big jazz band or 'small' such as a duo or small group. Then there's traditional jazz, swing, gypsy jazz and other varieties. The most important element is the music, so we have music samples for all our musicians to help you choose.

Jazz is one of the coolest ways to enhance your wedding day. There are many different types of jazz but regardless of what you choose, the effect is still a relaxed, laid back feel where everyone is happy and having a good time. Choose from gypsy jazz, traditional, Rat Pack, swing, french style and smooth rich songs that will melt your heart.

Ensuring you get quality jazz hire bands

we audition every band in MuseNexus

We guarantee our jazz hire bands will give you a great party atmosphere and ensure that your guests are having a great time all night long. We audition all bands in Wedding Music Scotland, assuring they're professional, reliable and give you the music you want.

Aimee Penman: jazz solo, duo, trio

Aimee Penman

Classically trained soprano who's comfortable with singing in many different styles from classical to folk to jazz. Combine all styles for a full and varied performance. Available with guitar or piano accompanist. Jazz trio available for evening receptions or corporate events. Highly talented and degree level qualified musicians. A Cappella group option: all female group (six voices) is perfect for those who would like something a little different. Songs from countries including Norway, Romania as well as the UK. Also some lovely barber-shop-style arrangements of classic songs.


Cheryl Forbes:

Cheryl Forbes

Both Cheryl and Gordon (pianist) are versatile international entertainers with impressive CVs. Cheryl sings all styles of music and can adapt her voice accordingly. So if you require high opera or soft, sexy jazz, you get exactly the sound you want. Gordon is one of Scotland's foremost entertainers with a talent that covers everything from singing to comedy to conducting.



Catherine Baker: jazz, theatre, cabaret, swing

Catherine Baker

Jazz, Theatre and Cabaret Singer, Catherine Baker is a jazz singer but, not only that, she has performed in light opera and cabaret across the UK, Europe and the US including Phantom of the Opera in London. Her hugely expressive voice can flit from playful to seductive, from melancholy to mischievous and draw the listener willingly into her world. With a vast repertoire spanning a wide range of genres, Catherine's album 'Sooner or Later' highlights the swing classics from the 30s and 40s backed by a full jazz orchestra but she's equally at home accompanied by jazz trio, piano or even harp.

How to Book Your Jazz Musicians

You can book your jazz musicians using our very easy to use Booking Service. We provide an agreement for each booking so there are no misunderstandings. You get the very best deal and you're completely covered should something go wrong before your event or on the day.

Plus, we're always here to talk to you 7 days a week. Just call us on 0141 291 5629 or email

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