Ceilidh Band

What Makes The Gallivanters Special?
  • 4 or 5 Piece Band
  • Ceilidh Music Plus Covers, Popular Music
  • Disco Available
  • A Great Range of Music
  • Calling and Showing of all Ceilidh Dances
The Gallivanters are professional musicians and have been established as a band for over six years. During that time they have played many weddings, ceilidh dances, weddings, birthday parties and corporate events.

The Gallivanters are a five piece Ceilidh Band based in Perthshire comprising both accordion, double bass, fiddle, guitar, mandolin and whistles. The combination of instruments gives a bright and vibrant yet traditional sound.

They play a variety of Scottish and Irish tunes for dancing as well as singing Scottish, Irish, Country and even Beatles songs. Also, they call and show the dances and interact with the guests to encourage them to join in so that everyone has a good time at the ceilidh dance party.

As well as playing in the band, some of the bands members present programmes on local radio, play in other bands, run tutoring classes in guitar and accordion and act as promoters for other musicians.

Disco and background music can be provided with or without multimedia projection if required.

Call us today on our telephone  0141 291 5629 or e-mail us at Alternatively you can fill out your information on our contact form located on the Contact page.


'A ceilidh dance band from the Perthshire area which now features the Westray One Step among their varied dance sets, courtesy of a chance encounter with an Orcadian hockey team in Dundee!!
They will be playing at dances over the weekend, as well as taking part in the Open Workshops on Saturday.'
20th Orkney Folk Festival

'Tartan kilts swirled, sporrans bobbed up and down as we danced and swung to the lively tunes of the Gallivanters Ceilidh Band. This exuberant Scottish Ceilidh was held in the Caledonian Hall of the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh to celebrate the wedding of our second son Toby and his lovely Scottish lass Penny. The Scottish Ceilidh dances are wild and exuberant and seem to involve hundreds of people swinging and swirling for ever and ever. We danced the Gay Gordons, Dashing White Sergeant, Flying Scotsman, Strips of Willow, Irish and Scottish 8 hand reels and a Canadian Barn Dance which Penny's Mum remembered dancing during her summer holidays on one Scotland's western isles to the gramophone of Dougie the Boatman! We had the best fun and partied into the early hours.'
A Scottish Daughter-in-Law

'The latest addition to the programme at this year's festival is the inclusion of the world's first MURDER MYSTERY CEILIDH DANCE! This sinister development has been instigated by the festival committee, and that fine Perthshire-based ceilidh band THE GALLIVANTERS have taken up the challenge of devising and hosting the event. For the first time ever, the opening bars of The Gay Gordons will be preceded by a grisly murder which the audience will be invited to solve before the end of Auld Lang Syne.'
The Heart of Scotland Festival


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